Consulting Services

Productivity Education and Training

Falcon Performance Institute has developed productivity training modules for the construction industry. Whether you need training for your senior management staff, project managers, or field supervisors, FPI can help. Based on your desired outcomes, we develop both stand-alone sessions and educational series to ensure your human assets are performing at their very best.

Productivity Coaching

In the competitive game of construction, it's the players that deliver bottom line results. After structured education sessions and a personalized evaluation, FPI works with individual members of your team to ensure that they turn "best practices" into action habits. We combine our nationwide experience, keen observation skills, and practiced coaching expertise to become a trusted advisor for you and your staff. You simply cannot prepare your people any better for the tough game they face.


Operations Analysis

Falcon Performance Institute will preform a fact-finding process designed to identify your specific needs. We will endeavor to discover any existing dysfunctions in:

  • Organizational Structure-“Right people-right seats”
  • Operations
  • Communications
  • Expectations and Realities
  • Utilization of Teams
  • Productivity

FPI will analyze those dysfunctions and define a healthier way of operating your business. We will provide recommendations for manipulating various management levers to achieve the most efficient means of operation, thereby maximizing profit margins


Partnering is the process of building strategic relationships with customers and vendors, before problems arise. Falcon Performance Institute assists in developing these deliverables for your construction project.

  • Project Mission Statement
  • Project Goals
  • Communications Objectives
  • Performance Standards
  • Conflict Resolution Procedure
  • Joint Evaluation Activities

The process has proven to reduce litigation, increase productivity, expedite decision making, reduce cost overruns and delays, and increase the opportunity for financial success and future working relationships with the owner.


Strategic Planning

Success depends on a good plan. Falcon Performance Institute will conduct thorough planning meetings for your firm. The sessions, at your facility or off-site, will produce a long-term road map for your business. We will investigate conditions affecting your business today and in the future. We will design specific goals, strategies, and actions so that you know exactly what has to be done and when. Only then will you truly be running your business.