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We're changing to meet your needs!  Falcon Advisors, Inc. now includes the Falcon Performance Institute

Falcon Advisors, Inc. is  pleased to announce the establishment of the Falcon Performance Institute. Recognizing that the needs of our clients revolve around productivity and high level performance, we continue to develop tools you can use to improve your performance and productivity. Look for:

  • Our new logo - our symbol of vision, strength, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • "Scenic Overlook," our weekly newsletter for our clients and fans
  • Private Training Seminars
  • Partnering and Strategic Planning Faciliation to Improve Your Team's Performance 
  • Individualized Coaching
  • Keynote Speeches
  • The FPI Academy - Fall 2011
  • "Never Pass on a Chance to P" - Jim Bain's book, due out in spring 2011

Isn't it time to focus on improving your productivity and your margins?

Bain earns "Professional Member" designation in National Speakers Association

Jim Bain, Founder and President of the Falcon Performance Institute, has earned the National Speakers Association Professional Member designation. Based on standards for both experience and speaking revenue, a Professional Member must continue to demonstrate Expertise, Enterprise, Eloquence, and Ethics. Jim is honored by his qualification and continues to be available for keynote speaking engagements. To book Jim or find more information about his speaking business, go to

To see video clips of Jim, click on