What our clients are saying:

Construction Consulting:

  • "We would never have had the success we've enjoyed if it weren't for your help."  - Paul Fallon, President, HRP Construction, Inc., South Bend, IN
  • "You should be a CEO to Go."  - Mark Meyer, President, Kettelhut Construction Co., Inc., Lafayette, IN

Partnering Facilitation:

  • "Thank you again for the fine effort in moderating this event. We believe the investment was worth it in the short run and we'll strive to make it pay benefits in the long term. I particularly appreciated the way you let the conversation flow and take left and right turns, without strict time limits. That's not easy to do but doing so allowed the audience to get their concerns and comments on the floor." Todd Duerr, Director Technical Services, American Water Military Services Group

 Education & Training:

  •  "A+ presentation."  - Todd Gokey, Project Engineer, Barrett Paving Materials, Syracuse, NY
  • "I have put several of your ideas into practice with owners and subcontractors and the results are remarkable." - Scott Muentnich, Project Manager, Holland Construction Services, Inc., Swansea, IL
  • "Passionate and thorough!" - Jonathan Feldotle, Project Engineer, Berglund Construction, Chicago, IL